Battling the Bite

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

“Mosquito Borne Diseases”

We’ve all heard of it, we may have also thought of it not to be that big a deal but it is. It's also so common that we all probably know someone who's suffered from a mosquito borne disease. We may have shook it off, as not that big a deal because they probably recovered from it but 1 million in every 7 million people that get this disease die from it. Those people are most probably people that haven't been educated about the effects of mosquito borne diseases or don’t have all the means to cure or avoid it. Our goal here at Fight the Bite is to help those people by educating them about mosquito borne diseases and help them fight or avoid it.

My best friend Raina Gupta got affected by dengue in 2018. She’s one of the most enthusiastic, energetic and active people I know, so seeing her being taken down by something as small as a mosquito really made me think about how inferior we really are. I asked her a few questions about her experience to provide some insight to you all. The symptoms of her catching dengue were high fever, a blocked nose and weakness which continued even after she recovered. She was constantly feeling cold and couldn’t get out of bed. When she first got sick, she thought it was a fever but when the fever didn’t subside after adequate amounts of rest and the medicines she was taking, she got two blood tests done. Only after those tests did she find out she had dengue. Only after you get affected by something you didn't understand the repercussions of before, do you take precautions so that you don’t have to suffer through it again. Raina has changed her lifestyle now, and wears mosquito repellent and has a mosquito repellent vaporiser in her room. I asked her about her experience so that you may not want to go through what she did so remember to protect yourselves at all times.

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