Prevention is better than cure...

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Every year, roughly one million people die due to mosquito borne diseases. I’m sure

we know what diseases mosquitoes can cause- ranging from chikungunya to

dengue, and malaria to the West Nile virus. Based on 2010 figures, dengue fever

sucked up $2.1 billion in both the Americas combined!

Based on the above figures, I’m sure we can all conclude that prevention is always

better than a cure. So how do we go about preventing malaria, dengue and other

mosquito-borne illnesses?

Well, the first thing is to eliminate the source- in this case, breeding grounds.

Mosquitoes breed in dirty, stagnant water- so everything must be emptied out on a

daily basis. Flower pots, basins and buckets should be drained regularly.

Secondly- sleeping with bed nets is a safe, easy and cheap option. Bed nets make it

impossible for mosquitoes to fly into your blankets and bite you- hence preventing

any diseases from occurring due to the bite. Mosquito sprays/repellents, creams and

coils can be used too.

Wearing full sleeves is another great option. This minimizes the amount of skin

exposed, and thus reduces chances of a mosquito even biting you.

Another interesting thing to note is that there are several solutions in nature itself!

Certain essential oils/fragrances like citronella, tea tree oil and crushed lavender

flowers keep mosquitoes away! They are all natural, so they cannot harm you in any


Prevention of these diseases is safe and easy- and being informed is always

recommended. Rather safe than sorry!

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